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This activity has been designed for classrooms and school environments. It has been designed to encourage children to think about others, display and develop their theory of mind (by engaging in exchanges or acts that benefit others, as well as thinking about situations from the perspectives of others).


There are four categories: compliments, kindness, our planet, and sharing the love. I've included a pre-made template under each category that can easily be printed and put up in the classroom, but I've also included a blank template under each category so that you guys can get creative and make your own!


To implement the activity, simply cut along the dotted lines and put the poster up in the school or classroom. Students can then rip off a tab and complete the activity. Think of it like a 'for sale' sign where people rip off the tabs and call you if they want to buy something you are advertising!


This is the perfect way to end a term or start a new term!

Acts of Kindness, Friendship, and Respect

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