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Group Supervision Block 2024: Assessments

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Welcome to the ONLY Group Supervision Block running this year! Each week we will meet via zoom to go through a range of topics. The theme for this block is assessment. This is perfect for psychologists wanting to increase their supervision hours or up skill in certain areas (at a discounted supervision rate of approximately $68/hr). The topics will include: - Childhood assessment of ADHD vs Adult assessment of ADHD and the WHY behind each assessment you will include (corresponding templates included) - WISC-V breakdown (corresponding template included) - WIAT-III breakdown (corresponding template included) - Interpreting the WISC & WIAT (interactive workshop) - Female presentations of ADHD and how to differentiate between inattentive presentations and anxiety The sessions will start promptly at 9 am (AEST) each Friday in June, and the first Friday of July. Session content will run for 45 minutes, leaving 15 minutes for discussions and/or questions. After each session, I will upload the recording here so you can refer back to it, especially if you’re unable to attend live. Recordings will be available for two months after the block ends. Any relevant PDF's and other information will also be uploaded to the corresponding video, so be sure to download them all!! You are welcome to include me as a secondary supervisor for AHPRA purposes. Please email the forms when you can.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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