Sharon Draper

Sharon Draper is a psychologist and author who has created some stunning picture books on the topic of anxiety. Sharon wanted to create fun, practical books that could help children identify uncomfortable emotions and learn coping mechanisms to help them feel empowered while building resilience. 


She has written two interactive, therapeutic children’s books. Leeloo, the protagonist, asks questions directed at the reader, encouraging them to explore what they would do if they were in a similar situation. Research shows, when children are encouraged to reflect on what the character of a story is going through and to put themselves in the character’s shoes, it builds empathy and resilience. 


Stuck In The Mud helps children identify uncomfortable, anxious feelings and learn coping mechanisms to manage their worries in a creative and fun way. It’s designed to empower and build resilience in children. 


Sometimes It Rains helps children identify overwhelming feelings of loss and sadness and to learn coping mechanisms to work through their difficult feelings in a creative and fun way. 

Another amazing fact about this small business is that Sharon uses O Packs from The Better Packaging Co, which are created from limestone waste and turned into packaging. This process uses renewable energy, zero water, acid or bleaches while creating zero pollution in a carbon neutral process. The packaging can be re-used many times and then when it can’t be used any longer, it can be recycled with soft plastics or with time and sunlight, it will return to the earth as dust. She is also using Sendle to deliver the books as they are100% carbon neutral.

Sharon has kindly offered you a 50% discount off her store for shipping within Australia using code PLAYFUL50 at checkout! This is not an affiliate link, simply an opportunity to support another amazing small business. Click on the button below to shop, and don't forget to enter the discount code for 50% off!


If you are an international follower and would like to purchase Sharon's books, you can do so via Amazon!



Boost A Biz is an initiative that will help create awareness of other small businesses! I have always wanted to think of a way where I can create a community of people supporting one another and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

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